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2020 Health Industry vs Cross-border E-commerce Industry Networking

22.11.2019 14:19

Nutrition and health industry is a sunrise industry with huge market potential. With the development of China's economy, the improvement of population quality and the increasing group of the aged and the sub-health population, the health industry has also embraced new opportunities for development. Nutrition and health care giants at home and abroad have been optimistic about China's huge market, but market access problems are plaguing many enterprises.


On 21th November 2018, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to continue the existing regulatory policy on retail imports of the cross-border E-commerce from 1st January 2019, covering the range of application extended to 22 newly approved comprehensive pilot areas, 63 newly added tax items with large mass demand, the single transaction limit raised to RMB5,000 from RMB2,000 and the annual transaction limit raised to RMB26,000 per person per year from RMB20,000. The advantages in stability of cross-border policy has greatly encouraged overseas nutrition and health care product companies to enter the Chinese market.