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China Medical Equipment International Cooperation Summit 2020

22.11.2019 14:20

In recent years, the development of medical devices in China has attracted worldwide attention, and the relationship between the industry and the international market has become increasingly close, among which three key points are worthy of common attention: The first is "innovation inflection point". With the continuously released dividend policy in China, the industry has launched a series of "made in China, new in the world" innovative devices through introducing global innovation resources, enhancing innovation strength, developing key technologies and transforming scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces, thus realizing the transformation of many product categories from "following" to "independent". The second is "new internationalization". In recent years, confronting with trade challenges, domestic enterprises have taken advantage of the opportunity for exploring the emerging market, actively carried out cooperation with countries along the "Belt and Road", keeping the share in the world trade of medical devices growing. The third is "trade friction". At present, the global health and medicine market is undergoing profound adjustment and changes with more trade frictions and expanding tendency of trade protectionism, which aggravates the market volatility. However, the major economies and the major emerging economies have formed stronger demand for the trade. Facing the new situation and new challenges, enterprises need to transform through innovation and seek innovation in transformation, to achieve new breakthroughs.