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HEP 2020 Postponement Announcement

Health Equipment & Products Shanghai 2020 (HEP 2020), will now take place on 25-27 November 2020 at the National Exhibition Convention Center (Shanghai) (NECC) in Shanghai [rescheduled from 22-24 June 2020].

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Countries told to learn from China in virus fight

As the daily increase in novel coronavirus cases outside China has greatly surpassed that inside China, Bruce Aylward, assistant director-general of the World Health Organization, emphasized that speed is the "single biggest message" that the rest of the world should take away from China.

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INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGES Wuhan experts share advice with Italy

Medical experts at a hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province, have shared their knowledge and experience in fighting novel coronavirus pneumonia with their counterparts in Italy...

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SCIO Holds a Press Briefing on International Cooperation to Combat COVID-19

According to the website of the State Council Information Office (SCIO), on 5 March, a SCIO press briefing was held on China's participation in international cooperation...

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March 5: Daily briefing on novel coronavirus cases in China

On March 4, 31 provincial-level regions on the Chinese mainland as well as the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 139 new cases ...

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Beijing's experience may help ASEAN

Southeast Asian countries are reporting high rates of recovery for patients infected with the novel coronavirus, but global health experts say the region can ...

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Medical expert offers anti-epidemic lessons to India

Indian authorities need to train more medical staff on how to fight novel coronavirus pneumonia, prepare treatment equipment and wards in advance...

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Getting back to work

Further delays in resuming normal economic activities will not only compromise the epidemic response but also have undesirable knock-on effects...

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New coronavirus infections continue downward trend

A total of 125 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection and 31 deaths were reported on Monday on the Chinese mainland, bringing the two numbers up to ...

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Largest number of patients discharged from Wuhan hospital

One hundred and thirty-two patients who had recovered from novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) at Wuhan Livingroom makeshift hospital were discharged on March 1. 

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March 3: Daily briefing on novel coronavirus cases in China

On March 2, 31 provincial-level regions on the Chinese mainland as well as the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 125 new cases of confirmed infections...

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Production resumption to speed up in March as economy stabilizes

Maintaining sustainable and healthy economic growth this year is a key objective, and China's economy remains resilient despite mounting risks and challenges at home and abroad, a senior official said on Friday.

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China provides vital lessons of COVID-19 containment for global response: WHO

China's rather unique and unprecedented public health response reversed the escalating cases in Hubei and beyond, a WHO report said.

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Epidemic response to be improved, expert says

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is likely to be brought under control on the Chinese mainland by the end of April, said renowned respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan, who also called for enhanced global cooperation to fight the disease.

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Measures to help control epidemic, restart work

China announced on Thursday measures to make it easier for people to enter and leave the country to support epidemic control work and the resumption of work and production.

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NIA: Exit-Entry Services Fully Resumed in Low-risk Regions

The National Immigration Administration (NIA) of China rolled out ten measures regarding exit-entry management to support the resumption of work and production in relevant industries in the context of epidemic response, and ensure smooth exit-entry services to facilitate economic and social development.

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Most foreign-funded enterprises resume work in Chinese manufacturing hub

GUANGZHOU — About 91 percent of the top 300 foreign-funded import and export enterprises in the southern Chinese city of Dongguan, the country's manufacturing hub, had resumed work as of Feb 23, local authorities announced on Feb 24.

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China on track to loosen traffic control as work resumes

BEIJING — China is gradually loosening traffic controls in regions outside of Hubei province, in a bid to facilitate work resumption amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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State Council unveils new measures to mitigate coronavirus impact on Chinese economy

BEIJING — The State Council, China's cabinet, on Feb 25 unveiled a string of measures to facilitate the employment of college graduates and rural migrant workers.

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Work resumption will keep supply chains steady: MoC

China will facilitate more foreign companies in resuming work and production amid the novel coronavirus epidemic in order to stabilize the global supply chain, a senior official of the Ministry of Commerce said on Monday.

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